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Security and Convenience!

The Bauer Keyed Alike system allows RV and trailer owners to enjoy the benefits of having just one key that fits all their locks. We can retrofit the locks in your campers and trailers – you’ll be on your way in no time with a keyring that is significantly smaller.

  • Instead of CH751 on every cam lock you could have your own key that matches your entry door.
  • Instead of every Southco or Fastec or Global Link Slam Lock having the same key have your own entry door key.

Latch Cross Reference

 Bauer Part NumberFastec PNGlobal Link PNSouthco PNTrimark PN
Travel Trailer Entry Door LatchesBP-8RV and Bauer NE43610TTL-43610-xxxx060-0201 and 060-0251
Motor Home 2 Pin Safety LatchesBP-12RV and Bauer EM060-0650
Bar LockBP-15RV6500465612-xxxx060-1100
Compartment Door Slam LockBP-2030205BLL-40101-2006R3-20-3xx-xx***

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